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Does Leslie's Decision Affect Amile Jefferson?

by WebMaster

Posted: 4/19/2012 7:19:54 AM

Its the question that every fan base for every school recruiting class of 2012 forward Amile Jefferson is asking: Will Calvin Leslie's decision to remain in school affect Jefferson?  There are no easy answers and the only one that can answer that question is Jefferson himself and so far he isn't talking.

Jefferson is a unique player and seems like a great kid with a good head on his shoulders. He is listed as a power forward, though at this point, doesn't have a power forward body. He is long and lean and definitely has to get stronger.

Leslie coming back has a huge impact on NC State who now appear to be the front runners (not a typo) to win the ACC next season. Many, myself included, felt like without Leslie NC State had a leg up on Duke for Jefferson's services.

They play a very similar position and to an extent have a similar skill set. Of course that doesn't mean that Jefferson isn't going to go to NC State.

In my mind, the Pack are competing with Kentucky, who obviously coming off a national championship season as well as having their entire starting five depart for the NBA, is an appealing place to Jefferson.

Duke might be in third place among his choices, but you never know.

NC State is on the rise and Kentucky, well they will reload and probably be a beast again next year with the top recruiting class coming in again. But don't forget Duke. If the Blue Devils have a shot it may be because of something it has that the other two school don't: Academic reputation.

Now that isn't to belittle the academics of either school, I myself am an NC State alumni, but Duke is on a different level and Jefferson has expressed a lot of interest in a school that can offer him strong academics.

Duke has that without question. Jefferson has  a great deal of respect for Krzyzewski and with the transfer of Michael Gbinije there is definitely some playing time to be had at the forward position at Duke.

Granted the same can be said for either Kentucky or NC State. There is no question though to me, that Duke could use Jefferson more than either NC State or Kentucky given their respective lineups.

With only Jefferson and Tony Parker left on the Blue Devils' radar for the class of 2012, and Parker not likely to choose Duke (my opinion) then Jefferson is likely a high priority.

He has drawn a lot of comparisons to Lance Thomas and Tony Lang, two former Duke players who were lanky power forward type players. 

Jefferson would not come in and start right away. Depending on his ability to play against stronger more experienced players as well as his ability to pick up the defensive system, his  playing time could be any range of time.

Fans are analyzing Leslie's decision to see where Jefferson will go, but like I said I think there will still be playing time for him with the transfer of Deshawn Painter at NC State and of course the mass exodus at Kentucky should mean a few minutes at least.

Ultimately the decision falls on Jefferson and what he values more. If immediate, guaranteed playing time is a bigger priority for him then Duke likely won't be his choice as that playing time wouldn't be guaranteed.

That isn't to say it would be else where but it definitely isn't something Mike Krzyzewski promises. In the end it might be academics that sway his decision and if that is the case I like Duke's chances.

He will also have to choose between the best coach in the game, versus a good coach building up a program, or a coach that can bring in massive amounts of talent and manage them while winning a lot of games.

A time table for his decision has not been announced and that could be a good sign for the kid, because no matter where he goes he is taking his time and weighing his options.

And unlike some, he doesn't make an announcement every other day only to renege on that announcement days later. He has taken a very quiet approach to his recruitment which is why, above maybe any of Duke's final three targets in this class, he appeals the most to me.

That and he actually seems to care about school, which can't be said for most of the one and done generation of players.

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ukfan   (Not Registered)
one thing - 4/19/2012 5:54:48 PM - Login Verification: None

"the best coach in the game"?   Granted he has the most wins, but to just say that like it's a given is just incorrect.

wolfpackfan3834   (Not Registered)
Coach K - 4/19/2012 7:40:37 PM - Login Verification: None

Ukfan you apparently havent seen what coach K has done.  Every player he has ever had has over achieved under him and this is coming from a state fan.  He has had Duke at the top of the ACC for over a decade and dont forget he also helped team USA win the gold.  Coack K is by far the best coach on this list for jefferson and its only a matter of time before coach Cal leaves and then theres an investigation at KU.

Babycarlos   (Not Registered)
Nice article - 4/19/2012 8:35:08 PM - Login Verification: None

 Agree with most everything.  K is great, but cal is more of a manager of great talent. Gott seems like a combination of the 2. He also runs the perfect system, fast-paced ucla high post, for amile & his game. Seeing how leslie excelled in his 1st season with it, & coaches, is promising for how amile could develop, as they are similar players & both will play the 3 @ the next level.

Babycarlos   (Not Registered)
** - 4/19/2012 8:41:46 PM - Login Verification: None

 Not sayin Gott is the perfect lovechild of K and cal, just that he seems to be a heady coach  that players love & respect. Heard nothing but good things( outside of 1 plyr @ former school..b4 nebdy points that out) & obviously a good recruiter. I think, as he's stated, he learned alot in cpl years off while analyst for espn. I hope he has good things in store for the wolfpack nation.  & hope an intelligent gifted kid like amile will b a part.

ukfan2   (Not Registered)
now it's getting worse - 4/20/2012 2:37:38 PM - Login Verification: None

I have seen what he has done and it's impressive.  And yes he did a great job with Team USA, thank  God.  But now you say "Every player he has ever had has over achieved under him", ever heard of Andre Dawkins?  Miles Plumlee?   Both came in with huge credentials, and they certainly didn't set the world on fire.  Just to name a few...and not to list the stud recruits who just transferred.  I hate Calipari but he's every bit as good as K in terms of a kid playing 1 or 2 seasons under him as K is (which is all Jefferson is going to do).  Agree Ky is headed for probation at some point, but sadly that point will come after Cal (and Jefferson) are gone.  And no one would ever suggest K is the best option to coach a big.  Not that he can't coach them, but it's clearly not a strength of him or his program.

KnightWhoSaysNi   (Not Registered)
- 4/25/2012 10:22:57 AM - Login Verification: None

Just because a school is more expensive doesn't make the classes harder.  I knew Duke students from Raleigh who went to NCSU for summer school and struggled. 

NCSU84   (Not Registered)
Proper English Please - 4/25/2012 3:34:29 PM - Login Verification: None

C'mon man, you are embarrassing us. You are an alumnus (singular) of NC State - not alumni (plural).

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