The KKK Cost Carolina Patrick Ewing -

The KKK Cost Carolina Patrick Ewing


Posted: 6/14/2013 8:06:01 AM

Patrick Ewing, the new associate head coach for the Charlotte Bobcats, was on Dan Patrick’s radio show and he basically blamed the KKK for his decision to go to Georgetown.

If you’re not into watching videos, to sum up, Ewing said while he was down visiting the North Carolina Tar Heels on a recruiting trip. While staying at the Carolina Inn, he learned that there was a Ku Klux Klan rally in Chapel Hill.  After that he said, “I’m not coming down here.”

He also blamed the crickets, but I have no information on race relations in the cricket community.

Obviously, you can’t blame Ewing for feeling this way. He was raised in Jamaica, before moving to Cambridge, Massachusetts. I’m no expert, but I’m going to assume the KKK population is on the small side in Cambridge.

Now before anyone Carolina fan gets too hyper about this, Ewing also states in the interview that Georgetown was always his number one option, while UCLA was his second.

Still, can you imagine how good the early 80′s Tar Heels would have been if they had Patrick Ewing? We’re talking about a starting lineup that would have featured Ewing along with fellow freshmen Michael Jordan, plus Sam Perkins and James Worthy. If you want, go ahead and add Brad Daughtery the next season (although one has to wonder if Daughtery still comes to Chapel Hill if Patrick Ewing is holed up in the five spot?).

With or without Daughtery, you’re talking about multiple championships, undefeated seasons, a team of the ages.

The irony is, while North Carolina certainly has a rough racial history and there was certainly issues in the 1980′s, if you were looking for an exception to the majority, it could often be found on the progressive campus of Chapel Hill.

Hell, you didn’t get much more liberal than Dean Smith.

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