Projected 2013-14 Lineup: Wake Forest Demon Deacons -

Projected 2013-14 Lineup: Wake Forest Demon Deacons


Posted: 5/31/2013 8:26:14 AM

What if I told you I didn’t hate this Wake Forest team? You’d think I was smoking something, right? Well, you’d be right, I am smoking something, but that’s not what is going on here. I see a future here. I see the kind of talent that could blossom into a legit ACC team…one day. Now will Jeff Bzdelik be there to enjoy it? Well, that’s a different story.

Projected 2013-14 Lineup:

PG – Codi Miller-McIntyre (SO), 6-3/195
SG – Coron Williams (SR), 6-2/170
SF – Armaud Williams Adala Moto (SO), 6-6/225
PF – Travis McKie (SR), 6-7/220
C – Devin Thomas (SO), 6-9/240

Running the point, Codi Miller-McIntyre has the potential to make some noise this coming season. He’s a hard nose PG, with great size and is not afraid to use it. No he’s not going to play above the rim and his defense needs work, but he’s got good vision and really looks to find his teammates in the right spots.

To replace C.J. Harris’ scoring, Jeff Bzdelik went and got himself a shooter. Incoming transfer Coron Williams is a one-dimensional shooting guard, but he’s really good at that one dimension. Last year 70-percent of his shots were threes and he managed to hit 41-percent of them.

Travis McKie is the one true star on the team. Despite some height issues at the four spot, McKie is good at finding space and using screens to work inside. He’s also not afraid to take a three pointer. Inside, despite not being a great athlete, he gets good position and can rebound with the best.

A.W.A.M (Arnaud Williams Adala Moto) started 19 games last year and proved to be a strong, powerful forward. He’s a solid athlete who likes to attack the rim. However, he can’t do much from outside.

Inside, Devin Thomas has some real potential. Named to the ACC All-Freshman Team last year, he led all rookies in rebounding and blocked shots. He’s a high energy guy, especially on the glass, with established post moves.

If Thomas can develop his ball handling and face up game, I wouldn’t be surprised if he, Miller-McIntyre and Atkins make up a solid trio. I’m not saying they are going to be leading Wake into the tournament, but don’t be surprised if they turn into a tough out later in the year.


PF – Tyler Cavanaugh (SO), 6-9/230
PG – Madison Jones (SO), 6-1/160
SF – Greg McClinton (FR), 6-6/185

I’m not in love with Wake’s bench and the depth issue could be a problem. Cavanaugh is just a sophomore, but he’s already the big dog coming off the bench. A classic face up 4, he likes to work from outside and penetrate inside using the dribble. However, he’s not a great athlete and he struggled from three last year.

Madison Jones is badly in need of some muscle and gym time shooting threes, but he’s a scoring point guard, who loves to slash to the rim. He should see time at both guard spots this year.

Greg McClinton comes out of high school as one of the best athletes in the nation. His jumping ability and competitive nature should allow him to do plenty of damage at the defensive side of the ball and of course off the glass. Like so many freshmen, he’ll need to work on his ball handling and outside shot.


PF – Aaron Rountree III (SO), 6-8/190
SG – Miles Overton (FR), 6-3/185

Rountree is a lot like freshman Greg McClinton. Long and athletic, he’s a good defender and runs the floor well. He too needs to work on the ball handling and outside shot. In the end, I give McClinton more minutes because I think he’d be a better backup for the 3-spot, while Rountree will need to battle Cavanaugh for minutes at the four.

Miles Overton has good size and a good jump shot. He’s not explosive, but he will lower his shoulder and bang his way into the paint.


PF – Daniel Green (SO), 6-10/220
C – Andre Washington (SO), 7-0/220

Daniel Green is a good rebounder and defender, but he’s not only raw, he’s coming off an ACL injury. Andre Washington has great size (the only seven footer on the team), but he has issues staying on the court for long stretches of time.

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