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Jim Boeheim: The Sappiest Of Saps

by NunesMagician

Posted: 5/9/2013 1:05:15 PM

The City of Syracuse's first couple, Jim and Juli Boeheim, were spotlighted Wednesday evening at Turning Stone with an event, sponsored by 40 Below, to celebrate Boeheim's 50 years in Central New York.

According to 40 Below's website, the object of the event was to have the Boeheims share stories about their history in Syracuse and where the region is going in the future.

In reality, the event was a way to make James Arthur Boeheim -- know nationally as the biggest curmudgeon in all of college basketball -- out to be a tall, old softy that cares dearly about his wife, the city of Syracuse and the Syracuse basketball program.

Luckily for you, Kim Brown, the Assistant Director for Alumni Programs, Career Services at Syracuse University, was there and Tweeted a lot of it.

Below is the best sample of what Kim and the official 40 Below Twitter account shared of the event, which included Boeheim admitting he's working on a book; queue the: "this might be the final year of JB" talks.

(Photo op.)

(First, if you're wondering who the SI writer is, it is not Chris Burke. Anybody have any better ideas? Pete Thamel? Somebody ask Thamel!!

Second, I wish I could make $25K now. Just saying.)

(This is not shocking, at all, but it is worth a mention I guess.)

(Respectable order. Though, I hope the in-laws come in to town on weekdays at around 1 a.m. Weggies can be a madhouse.)

(My wife takes three hours to shop at Wegmans because she enjoys it so much. No joke.)

(Jim Boeheim: The white dad/uncle/grandpa most of them never had.)

(You got that Andy Katz? Gregg Doyel?)


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