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The ACC gets 4 Bids to the NCAA Tournament

   Posted by Tar Heel Fan at  3/17/2013 7:44:02 PM  |  Follow us on Twitter: @scacchoops
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North Carolina has been seeded #8 in the South Regional of the 2013 NCAA Tournament and will face #9 seeded Villanova on Friday in Kansas City. Looming for the Heels should they win is the #1 seed Kansas playing in the Jayhawks backyard.

And if you are complaining very loudly about this draw, feel free. Based on where other teams have ended up you could argue the Tar Heels should be a slot higher. That being said, if the 2-8 versus the RPI Top 50 was too much of an obstacle to overcome, sticking UNC with Kansas as the #1 seed playing a de facto home game in Kansas City is a raw deal especially given the history there.

The ACC in general has been hit hard. NC State joined UNC as a #8 seed and will face Temple then Indiana. Miami was given a #2 seed when you could argue the Hurricanes deserved a #1 as was the case with Duke. In the Blue Devils' case the committee created a virtual bracket of death in the Midwest with #1 Louisville, #2 Duke, #3 Michigan St. and #4 St. Louis in that region. Maryland and Virginia did not make the NCAA Tournament.

The bracket in general is getting a fairly tough review based on my Twitter timeline which is not all that unusual. There are some oddities that stick out like Oregon finishing 2nd in the Pac 12 and beating UCLA in the Pac 12 title game but only getting a #12 seed while the Bruins were a #6 seed. In fact there are any number of teams you could argue UNC could be ahead of but it doesn't matter. This is the hand the Tar Heels were dealt and who knows maybe it will go better than we think.

2013 NCAA Tournament Bracket

UPDATE: Here is the full seed list from 1-68. UNC is 29th which means they are the first #8 seed and as such should have been in the region with the weakest #1 which is Gonzaga. Pittsburgh was #31 overall which means they should have been in the regional with Kansas. For whatever reason, the committee flipped UNC and Pitt in the order.


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