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Terps look toward Boston College

by Turtle Soup

Posted: 1/21/2013 4:18:05 PM

The first half at UNC was the worst we've seen all year from Turgeon's crew. The whole lot of them was completely lost. The second half got better (they finally topped 30 points!) but some if not all could be attributed to UNC protecting a 20 point lead. 

Still, cutting the lead to 10 gave me some reason for optimism heading into the Boston College game but not much.  Maryland cannot stop turning the ball over and no one can hit a jump shot. No one can win that way.

Pe'shon Howard has me longing for the point guard skills of DJ Strawberry. He's atrocious. 7 turnovers in 14 minutes is as bad as it gets. It was as if the Heels were playing 6 on 4 when Pe was in the game.

Roddy Peters can't get here soon enough.

The dreadful shooting is something else. While having a PG who can get the team into the half court set has a lot to do with guys getting good looks, that's not the only problem.  Faust and Wells are shooting guards who can't hit jumpers (this seems to be a never ending problem with Maryland).  The guys who can shoot (Aronhalt and Allen) are stone cold. Alex Len had as many made jumpers on Saturday as the entire back court.

Tomorrow, Maryland is at home against a lower tier Boston College team. It's a get well game. Still, I won't be happy unless Maryland scores 70+ points. Otherwise, we are staring at back-to-back shellackings at the hands of Duke and FSU.

The schedule does ease up after that but the goal should be to win 2 of the next 3 games and Maryland will be in position to finish the season well.


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