Last thoughts before the Clemson and FSU matchup -

Last thoughts before the Clemson and FSU matchup

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This Clemson\Florida State game has received wall to wall sports coverage this week. There have been far more stories on this game that Michigan\Notre Dame or Oklahoma\Kansas St. Funny what a matchup of a couple of top 10 teams will do.  I haven’t yet given my thoughts on what I think is going to happen in the ACC’s game of the year.

Florida State has certainly looked impressive in the early going, only giving up 3 points in the 3 games, but they haven’t faced an offense like Clemson’s. In fact they won’t face another offense like Clemson all year. The Tigers for that matter won’t see a defense like Florida State’s the rest of the year.

I liken this game to last year’s West Virginia vs LSU game. The Mountaineers had over 500 yards of offense against nation’s number 2 defense in LSU. I believe  an elite offense will find a way to move the ball even against an elite defense. Clemson will score and they will move the ball. Will it be enough? I don’t think so. As in the West Virginia\LSU game eventually the team with better overall balance will win. The Tigers simply don’t have the talent defensively to contain a much improved Florida Sate offense.

I see the final score being Florida state 34 Clemson 23. That will be that last team that breaks 20 on the Seminoles this season as they move into position to make a run at the national title game.  Below is the ACC’s preview of the game.





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