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UNC's AD Search Continues...

   Posted by The 5th Corner at  9/23/2011 7:14:01 AM  |  Follow us on Twitter: @scacchoops
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With the week coming to an end North Carolina (3-0, 1-0 in the ACC) is readying itself on the field for their fourth game of the season (second in the conference) against Georgia Tech, the first game away from the friendly confine of Kenan, while preparing off the field for the battle they will face when they face off against the NCAA in Indianapolis. And while there is no way to be sure how either of these outcomes will turn, one thing is for sure, both will be faced by Carolina without their top candidate for Athletic Director being on board. A couple of days ago South Carolina AD, and UNC alum, Eric Hyman decided to remain put at his current job. This is what Mr. Hyman, a former football player, said about the situation…

“I am honored to be considered by my alma mater, North Carolina, but my work here has not been finished and I love being a Gamecock,”

For one like myself, who would love to work anywhere in the North Carolina Athletic Department, this comes as a surprise, but I being fair I am a bit bias on the whole matter. When I step back and look at it from an outside view I can see why Hyman decided the way he did. I would also think that if UNC had targeted him after the outcome from the NCAA came out his decision, which the University has sent their Response to the Allegations to Indy, could be different, but maybe it would not be, and I am sure that Carolina wants to move on this as quickly as possible. On the other hand I hope that the higher ups of the school I love do not rush into any hasty decision just to have the new man in place. The one leading the Athletic Department, especially as the conference enlarges once again, needs to be the best possible person out there, and no rock should be left unturned in order to find that individual. Even if this meant that the process would have to go past the end of the football season, which is the time limit set for finding the new AD.

In the that above mentioned “Response to the Allegations” the University put several self imposed sanctions, and here is a small video from WRAL Sports about it…



Not sure if this is something that people are thinking about, but I am: while the new Athletic Director should have the proverbial carte blanche to do as he wishes for the hiring of the football head coach, will that be less and less of an option if the team continues to win? And could this be something that anyone thinking about this job in Chapel Hill be thinking about it? And by that I mean does the new man still pull the trigger if current interim head coach Everett Withers does a good job overall and get the already upset fan base even more stirred up? Stay tuned for more on this, cause I doubt it’s anywhere near done!


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