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Sacred Heart
Sacred Heart
Boston College
Boston College

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Game Sim's college football week 9 predictions

   Posted by WebMaster at  10/23/2014 11:16:20 AM  |  Follow us on Twitter: @scacchoops
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Another weekend of college football is upon us, let's take a look at what Game Sim is predicting.

Last weekend Game Sim stayed consistent picking winners at a 80% clip. It's target predictions (closely picking margin of victory) are trending upward each of the last 6 weeks.  Last week it beat the spread60 % of the time and on the season, Game Sim has beat the spread in 58% of games.*

Don't forget, the predictions change with every sim that is run.  See the latest college football predictions at

Let's see what Game Sim is predicting for this weekend's games.


Matchup Prediction Line Result
UConn @ East Carolina  East Carolina wins 37.7-10.1 Simulate ECU -28  Live Stats
 Miami @ Virginia Tech  Miami wins 28.2-6.0 Simulate Miami -3  Live Stats


Matchup Prediction
 Oregon @ California  Oregon wins 44.7-38.0 Simulate
 BYU @ Boise State  Boise State wins 31.7-24.2 Simulate
 USF @ Cincinnati  USF wins 27.9-24.0 Simulate
 Troy @ South Alabama  South Alabama wins 28.2-20.9 Simulate


Matchup Prediction
 South Carolina @ Auburn  Auburn wins 44.6-27.3 Simulate
 Ole Miss @ Louisiana State  Louisiana State wins 24.9-24.1 Simulate
 Mississippi State @ Kentucky  Mississippi State wins 43.3-18.5 Simulate
 Alabama @ Tennessee  Alabama wins 33.8-10.2 Simulate
 West Virginia @ Oklahoma State  West Virginia wins 41.6-24.4 Simulate
 Texas Tech @ TCU  TCU wins 41.7-29.0 Simulate
 USC @ Utah  USC wins 35.6-15.7 Simulate
 Rutgers @ Nebraska  Nebraska wins 41.0-18.7 Simulate
 Arizona @ Washington State  Washington State wins 54.9-35.1 Simulate
 Michigan @ Michigan State  Michigan State wins 27.9-15.8 Simulate
 Maryland @ Wisconsin  Wisconsin wins 34.0-22.0 Simulate
 Texas @ Kansas State  Kansas State wins 34.3-14.6 Simulate
 Arizona State @ Washington  Washington wins 29.0-27.6 Simulate
 Minnesota @ Illinois  Minnesota wins 28.6-16.9 Simulate
 Ohio State @ Penn State  Ohio State wins 34.9-13.2 Simulate
 Wyoming @ Colorado State  Colorado State wins 33.4-27.0 Simulate
 UCLA @ Colorado  UCLA wins 51.9-27.9 Simulate
 Vanderbilt @ Missouri  Missouri wins 24.1-10.8 Simulate
 UAB @ Arkansas  Arkansas wins 41.3-18.1 Simulate
 Oregon State @ Stanford  Stanford wins 25.8-17.0 Simulate
 San Jose State @ Navy  Navy wins 42.6-30.7 Simulate
 Florida Atlantic @ Marshall  Marshall wins 44.3-21.9 Simulate
 Memphis @ SMU  Memphis wins 32.1-7.4 Simulate
 Louisiana Tech @ Southern Miss  Louisiana Tech wins 32.0-26.5 Simulate
 Temple @ UCF  UCF wins 18.6-9.7 Simulate
 UNLV @ Utah State  Utah State wins 39.4-15.9 Simulate
 Nevada @ Hawaii  Nevada wins 32.2-15.0 Simulate
 Central Michigan @ Buffalo  Central Michigan wins 36.0-21.3 Simulate
 Old Dominion @ Western Kentucky  Western Kentucky wins 44.4-35.4 Simulate
 North Texas @ Rice  Rice wins 30.5-17.1 Simulate
 UTEP @ UTSA  UTSA wins 20.6-17.5 Simulate
 Northern Illinois @ Eastern Michigan  Northern Illinois wins 35.8-4.5 Simulate
 Akron @ Ball State  Akron wins 21.7-17.8 Simulate
 Georgia Southern @ Georgia State  Georgia Southern wins 46.2-20.8 Simulate
 Kent State @ Miami (Ohio)  Miami (Ohio) wins 32.2-19.9 Simulate
 Massachusetts @ Toledo  Toledo wins 37.4-33.3 Simulate
 Ohio @ Western Michigan  Ohio wins 18.7-18.3 Simulate
 Texas State @ ULM  ULM wins 14.7-10.4 Simulate
 UNC @ Virginia  Virginia wins 24.2-20.5 Simulate
 Georgia Tech @ Pittsburgh  Pittsburgh wins 34.3-14.0 Simulate
 Boston College @ Wake Forest  Boston College wins 37.4-2.8 Simulate
 Syracuse @ Clemson  Clemson wins 20.7-11.5 Simulate
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