Game Preview: Missouri vs NC State -

Game Preview: Missouri vs NC State

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Posted: 12/28/2013 8:23:21 AM


12/28/2013 8:00:00 PM |  TV: ESPN2 Simulation Stats

  • This game has been simulated 72 times.
  • ST (2016) has won 33 times (45.8% of the time), won by > 20 pts 5 times (6.9% of the time)
  • Missouri (2016) has won 39 times (54.2% of the time), won by > 20 pts 6 times (8.3% of the time)
  • The average score is ST (2016): 68.3 - Missouri (2016): 69.9, decided by < 5 pts 19 times (26.4% of the time)
  • The game has gone into overtime 2 times (2.8% of the time)
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Frank Haith wasn't exactly adept at building strong defensive units while he was in the ACC; his Miami teams were routinely mediocre-or-worse, and their perimeter defense in particular could be rough, which is why Herb Sendek could be seen giggling maniacally in anticipation of State's games against the Hurricanes.

Haith's offenses, on the other hand, were fine. I'm convinced that had we gone with Haith over, say, Sidney Lowe, we'd have had essentially a Mark Gottfried equivalent, sparing us the agony of a half decade of incompetence and instead giving us a half decade of mostly enjoyable basketball. I digress.

This year, Haith needed a transfer from Tulsa and a pair of well-regarded freshmen to contribute efficient minutes right away (or at least avoid being outright disasters), and so far, that's exactly what he's gotten. The team is led by Jordan Clarkson--the gentleman from Tulsa--and fellow guards Jabari Brown and Earnest Ross. That trio accounts for the vast majority of Missouri's shots when they're on the floor together, leaving everybody else to fill secondary roles.

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