Game Preview: Connecticut vs Boston College -

Game Preview: Connecticut vs Boston College

by Staff

Posted: 11/21/2013 6:21:20 AM

Connecticut Boston College

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UConn men's basketball: Players, Coaches Have Fond Memories Of UConn-Boston College Rivalry (
For Malcolm Huckaby, the UConn-Boston College rivalry left unfinished business. "The one team we never beat in my four years at Boston College was UConn," said Huckaby, a Bristol native who played at BC from 1990-94. "Then we thought we were going to have one more chance to play them, for the chance to go to the Final Four. We had beaten Indiana, and we said, yeah, we're ready."

What's in a Rivalry? (The UConn Blog)
Would that which we call a rose by any other name smell as sweet?

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