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  • This game has been simulated 9 times.
  • Kansas (2015) has won 3 times (33.3% of the time), won by > 20 pts 0 times (0.0% of the time)
  • DU (2015) has won 6 times (66.7% of the time), won by > 20 pts 0 times (0.0% of the time)
  • The average score is Kansas (2015): 70.0 - DU (2015): 71.6, decided by < 5 pts 5 times (55.6% of the time)
  • The game has gone into overtime 0 times (0.0% of the time)
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Not surprisingly, there's a lot of excitement building over Tuesday's  Duke-Kansas matchup, but as talented as they both are, it's a mistake to make it about Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins. Both teams are bringing a lot to the table.

Against Louisiana-Monroe, the Jayhawks started Wiggins obviously, Wayne Selden, Frank Mason, Perry Ellis and transfer Tarik Black, who also strongly considered Duke.

Kansas went 10 deep in its opening, with intriguing big man Joel Embiid coming off the bench. He's a freshman obviously and has immense potential. We don't know a great deal yet about the rest of the KU bench, but are assuming they're up to the normal standard.

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Team Stats
 Advantage KansasAdvantage Duke
FG %
 Kansas Kansas 
FT %
3 PT %
 Duke Duke Duke 
2 PT %
 Kansas Kansas Kansas 
 Duke Duke Duke Duke Duke 
Four Factors
 Duke Duke 
O Reb %
D Reb %
FT Rate
 Kansas Kansas Kansas 
Defensive Allowed
3 PT %
 Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas 
2 PT %
 Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas 
 Duke Duke Duke Duke Duke 
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