Maryland at Northwestern

Maryland Northwestern

11/27/2012 9:15:00 PM |  TV:ESPN2 | LIVE STATS

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Pence's Quick Thoughts

It's hard to even consider this part of the challenge.  Looking at you Maryland.


Find the shooting touch: Maryland leads the ACC in blocked shots and rebounding margin, but the Terrapins are tied for 10th in three-point shooting at 31 percent. Northwestern will dare them to shoot from the outside in a 1-3-1 half-court trap. Logan Aronhalt went 4 for 4 against Georgia Southern and should be counted on again as a zone-breaker, but the Terps will need more than the Albany transfer to get hot, meaning perimeter threats like Seth Allen, Nick Faust and Jake Layman.

Rotate on defense: Northwestern uses its Princeton offense to hunt layups and open three-point shots with back screens, sharp cuts and motion principles. While the Terps have improved defensively, they struggled to defend a hot-shooting Lafayette team on the perimeter. Rotating well and helping each other will drastically cut down on Northwestern’s open looks.

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Team Stats
 Advantage NorthwesternAdvantage Maryland
FG %
 Maryland Maryland Maryland 
FT %
3 PT %
2 PT %
 Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland 
 Northwestern Northwestern Northwestern Northwestern Northwestern 
Four Factors
 Maryland Maryland 
 Northwestern Northwestern 
O Reb %
 Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland 
D Reb %
 Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland 
FT Rate
Defensive Allowed
3 PT %
 Northwestern Northwestern Northwestern Northwestern Northwestern 
2 PT %
 Northwestern Northwestern Northwestern Northwestern Northwestern 
 Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland Maryland 
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