Boston College at Clemson College Basketball Live Stats on 03/11/2011 -

Boston College at Clemson College Basketball Live Stats on 03/11/2011

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Boston College

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Game Log
Time RemainingEventDescription
19:37Jerai Grant:Made 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
19:37Andre Young:Assist
19:13Reggie Jackson:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
19:13Corey Raji:Offensive ReboundOFF
18:55Corey Raji:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
18:55Demontez Stitt:ReboundDEF
18:48Andre Young:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
18:48Reggie Jackson:ReboundDEF
18:35Joe Trapani:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
18:35Jerai Grant:ReboundDEF
18:26Tanner Smith:Made Three Pointer3PTR
18:26Demontez Stitt:Assist
17:48Reggie Jackson:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalJUMPER
17:48Devin Booker:ReboundDEF
17:36Demontez Stitt:Made 2 Point Field GoalJUMPER
17:08Biko Paris:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
17:08Tanner Smith:Block
17:06Devin Booker:ReboundDEF
17:01Demontez Stitt:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
17:01Reggie Jackson:Block
16:59Reggie Jackson:ReboundDEF
16:55Reggie Jackson:Turnover
16:54Tanner Smith:Steal
16:51Reggie Jackson:Personal Foul
16:51Boston College:Timeout30SEC
16:51Andre Young:Attempted Free ThrowFT
16:51Andre Young:Made Free ThrowFT
16:51Milton Jennings:SubIN
16:51Jerai Grant:SubOUT
16:38Joe Trapani:Turnover
16:37Devin Booker:Steal
16:33Andre Young:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
16:33Tanner Smith:Offensive ReboundOFF
16:30Tanner Smith:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalTIPIN
16:30Tanner Smith:Offensive ReboundOFF
16:27Tanner Smith:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalTIPIN
16:27Andre Young:Offensive ReboundOFF
16:22Demontez Stitt:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
16:22Joe Trapani:ReboundDEF
16:12Joe Trapani:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalJUMPER
16:12Demontez Stitt:ReboundDEF
16:01Devin Booker:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
16:01Boston College:ReboundDEF
15:59Boston College:Timeoutmedia
15:59Josh Southern:SubIN
15:59Joe Trapani:SubOUT
15:59Jerai Grant:SubIN
15:59Zavier Anderson:SubIN
15:59Andre Young:SubOUT
15:59Devin Booker:SubOUT
15:53Reggie Jackson:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
15:53Jerai Grant:Block
14:58Milton Jennings:ReboundDEF
14:58Tanner Smith:Turnover
14:58John Cahill:Steal
14:58John Cahill:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
14:58Zavier Anderson:ReboundDEF
14:58Milton Jennings:Made Three Pointer3PTR
14:58Jerai Grant:Assist
14:38Tanner Smith:Personal Foul
14:38Josh Southern:Made Free ThrowFT
14:38Josh Southern:Attempted Free ThrowFT
14:38Milton Jennings:ReboundDEF
14:38Jerai Grant:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalJUMPER
14:38Josh Southern:ReboundDEF
14:38Biko Paris:SubOUT
14:38Andre Young:SubIN
14:38Bryan Narcisse:SubIN
14:38Tanner Smith:SubOUT
14:38Zavier Anderson:SubOUT
13:46Reggie Jackson:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
13:46Bryan Narcisse:ReboundDEF
13:45Josh Southern:Personal Foul
13:45Dallas Elmore:SubIN
13:45Joe Trapani:SubIN
13:45Corey Raji:SubOUT
13:45Josh Southern:SubOUT
13:16Demontez Stitt:Made 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
13:10Joe Trapani:Made 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
13:10Reggie Jackson:Assist
12:56Milton Jennings:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
12:56GABE MOTON:ReboundDEF
12:35Joe Trapani:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
12:35Demontez Stitt:ReboundDEF
12:28Demontez Stitt:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
12:28John Cahill:ReboundDEF
12:08Reggie Jackson:Turnover
12:08Biko Paris:SubIN
12:08Reggie Jackson:SubOUT
12:08Devin Booker:SubIN
12:08Tanner Smith:SubIN
12:08Jerai Grant:SubOUT
12:08Milton Jennings:SubOUT
11:44Demontez Stitt:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
11:44Demontez Stitt:Offensive ReboundOFF
11:41Demontez Stitt:Made 2 Point Field GoalTIPIN
11:20Joe Trapani:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalJUMPER
11:20Bryan Narcisse:ReboundDEF
11:17Demontez Stitt:Turnover
11:17Boston College:TimeoutMEDIA
11:17Corey Raji:SubIN
11:17Reggie Jackson:SubIN
11:17Dallas Elmore:SubOUT
11:17John Cahill:SubOUT
11:17Cory Stanton:SubIN
11:17Demontez Stitt:SubOUT
11:13Joe Trapani:Turnover
10:48Devin Booker:Made 2 Point Field GoalJUMPER
10:48Cory Stanton:Assist
10:25Biko Paris:Turnover
10:24Devin Booker:Steal
10:23Corey Raji:Personal Foul
10:23Tanner Smith:Attempted Free ThrowFT
10:23Tanner Smith:Attempted Free ThrowFT
10:23Joe Trapani:ReboundDEF
09:58Joe Trapani:Made 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
09:41Devin Booker:Turnover
09:36Corey Raji:Steal
09:31Joe Trapani:Made 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
08:57Andre Young:Made 2 Point Field GoalJUMPER
08:31Joe Trapani:Made 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
08:31GABE MOTON:Assist
08:15Andre Young:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
08:15Corey Raji:ReboundDEF
08:10Biko Paris:Made Three Pointer3PTR
08:10Reggie Jackson:Assist
08:06Jerai Grant:SubIN
08:06Zavier Anderson:SubIN
08:06Demontez Stitt:SubIN
08:06Devin Booker:SubOUT
08:06Tanner Smith:SubOUT
08:06Cory Stanton:SubOUT
07:43Demontez Stitt:Turnover
07:43Boston College:TimeoutMEDIA
07:43Josh Southern:SubIN
07:43John Cahill:SubIN
07:43Joe Trapani:SubOUT
07:43Milton Jennings:SubIN
07:43Bryan Narcisse:SubOUT
07:16Josh Southern:Made 2 Point Field GoalJUMPER
07:16Corey Raji:Assist
06:57Jerai Grant:Turnover
06:57Jerai Grant:Personal Foul
06:37Biko Paris:Turnover
06:37Joe Trapani:SubIN
06:37Josh Southern:SubOUT
06:37Biko Paris:SubOUT
06:23Demontez Stitt:Made 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
06:09Zavier Anderson:Personal Foul
05:55Reggie Jackson:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
05:55Andre Young:ReboundDEF
05:48Zavier Anderson:Made Three Pointer3PTR
05:48Andre Young:Assist
05:26Corey Raji:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
05:23Dallas Elmore:SubIN
05:23Biko Paris:SubIN
05:23Corey Raji:SubOUT
05:04Demontez Stitt:Turnover
05:03Joe Trapani:Steal
04:56Reggie Jackson:Turnover
04:54Jerai Grant:Steal
04:48Jerai Grant:Made 2 Point Field GoalJUMPER
04:48Demontez Stitt:Assist
04:31Zavier Anderson:Personal Foul
04:31Joe Trapani:Made Free ThrowFT
04:31Joe Trapani:Made Free ThrowFT
04:31Biko Paris:SubOUT
04:31Tanner Smith:SubIN
04:31Zavier Anderson:SubOUT
04:24GABE MOTON:Personal Foul
04:10Demontez Stitt:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalJUMPER
04:10Clemson:Offensive ReboundOFF
04:08Devin Booker:SubIN
04:08Milton Jennings:SubOUT
03:58Jerai Grant:Made 2 Point Field GoalJUMPER
03:58Devin Booker:Assist
03:35Tanner Smith:Personal Foul
03:35Boston College:TimeoutMEDIA
03:35Dallas Elmore:Made Free ThrowFT
03:35Dallas Elmore:Made Free ThrowFT
03:35Corey Raji:SubIN
03:35Biko Paris:SubIN
03:35Dallas Elmore:SubOUT
03:35Cory Stanton:SubIN
03:35Tanner Smith:SubOUT
03:07Corey Raji:Personal Foul
03:07Devin Booker:Made Free ThrowFT
03:07Devin Booker:Made Free ThrowFT
03:07Josh Southern:SubIN
03:07Joe Trapani:SubOUT
02:59Corey Raji:Made 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
02:59Biko Paris:Assist
02:42Devin Booker:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
02:42Jerai Grant:Offensive ReboundOFF
02:38Jerai Grant:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalTIPIN
02:38Josh Southern:ReboundDEF
02:24Josh Southern:Turnover
02:24Josh Southern:Personal Foul
02:24Joe Trapani:SubIN
02:24Josh Southern:SubOUT
02:01Devin Booker:Turnover
01:46Reggie Jackson:Made Three Pointer3PTR
01:46Corey Raji:Assist
01:26Devin Booker:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalJUMPER
01:26Joe Trapani:ReboundDEF
00:55Corey Raji:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
00:55Devin Booker:ReboundDEF
00:44Cory Stanton:Made Three Pointer3PTR
00:44Devin Booker:Assist
00:16Cory Stanton:Personal Foul
00:16Joe Trapani:Made Free ThrowFT
00:16Joe Trapani:Made Free ThrowFT
00:16Dallas Elmore:SubIN
00:16Corey Raji:SubOUT
00:16Biko Paris:SubOUT
00:16Tanner Smith:SubIN
00:16Devin Booker:SubOUT
00:02Tanner Smith:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
00:01Joe Trapani:ReboundDEF
19:47Reggie Jackson:Made 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
19:47Joe Trapani:Assist
19:18Jerai Grant:Turnover
19:18Jerai Grant:Personal Foul
19:12Demontez Stitt:Personal Foul
19:07Joe Trapani:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalJUMPER
19:07Jerai Grant:Block
19:05Andre Young:ReboundDEF
18:50Devin Booker:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalJUMPER
18:50Joe Trapani:ReboundDEF
18:38Corey Raji:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
18:38Demontez Stitt:ReboundDEF
18:32Demontez Stitt:Made 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
18:32Joe Trapani:Personal Foul
18:32Demontez Stitt:Made Free ThrowFT
18:19Corey Raji:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
18:19Jerai Grant:Block
18:17Corey Raji:Offensive ReboundOFF
18:12Andre Young:Personal Foul
17:49Biko Paris:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
17:49Devin Booker:ReboundDEF
17:43Demontez Stitt:Made 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
17:29Joe Trapani:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalJUMPER
17:29Devin Booker:ReboundDEF
17:08Andre Young:Made Three Pointer3PTR
17:08Tanner Smith:Assist
17:01Boston College:Timeout30SEC
16:40Joe Trapani:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
16:40Tanner Smith:ReboundDEF
16:13Devin Booker:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
16:13Boston College:ReboundDEF
16:12Devin Booker:Personal Foul
16:12Josh Southern:SubIN
16:12Joe Trapani:SubOUT
16:12Zavier Anderson:SubIN
16:12Andre Young:SubOUT
15:38Corey Raji:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
15:38Jerai Grant:Block
15:35Zavier Anderson:ReboundDEF
15:33John Cahill:Personal Foul
15:33Devin Booker:Attempted Free ThrowFT
15:33Devin Booker:Made Free ThrowFT
15:33Dallas Elmore:SubIN
15:33Corey Raji:SubOUT
15:33John Cahill:SubOUT
15:19Dallas Elmore:Turnover
15:18Jerai Grant:Steal
14:54Jerai Grant:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalJUMPER
14:54Josh Southern:ReboundDEF
14:37Biko Paris:Made Three Pointer3PTR
14:33GABE MOTON:Assist
14:15Josh Southern:Personal Foul
14:15Devin Booker:Attempted Free ThrowFT
14:15Devin Booker:Made Free ThrowFT
14:15Joe Trapani:SubIN
14:15Dallas Elmore:SubOUT
14:15Milton Jennings:SubIN
14:15Andre Young:SubIN
14:15Tanner Smith:SubOUT
14:15Jerai Grant:SubOUT
13:50Joe Trapani:Made Three Pointer3PTR
13:50Reggie Jackson:Assist
13:27Demontez Stitt:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
13:27Zavier Anderson:Offensive ReboundOFF
12:48Zavier Anderson:Made Three Pointer3PTR
12:46Jerai Grant:SubIN
12:46Devin Booker:SubOUT
12:36Reggie Jackson:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
12:36Demontez Stitt:ReboundDEF
12:16Milton Jennings:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalJUMPER
12:16Josh Southern:ReboundDEF
12:12Josh Southern:Turnover
12:11Zavier Anderson:Steal
11:56Josh Southern:Personal Foul
11:56Milton Jennings:Made Free ThrowFT
11:56Milton Jennings:Made Free ThrowFT
11:56Corey Raji:SubIN
11:56Josh Southern:SubOUT
11:23Joe Trapani:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalJUMPER
11:23Demontez Stitt:ReboundDEF
11:11Demontez Stitt:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalJUMPER
11:11Milton Jennings:Offensive ReboundOFF
11:07Andre Young:Made Three Pointer3PTR
11:07Milton Jennings:Assist
10:52Andre Young:Personal Foul
10:46Reggie Jackson:Made 2 Point Field GoalDUNK
10:46Biko Paris:Assist
10:09Milton Jennings:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalJUMPER
10:09GABE MOTON:ReboundDEF
10:02Biko Paris:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
10:02Andre Young:Block
10:00Jerai Grant:ReboundDEF
09:44Milton Jennings:Turnover
09:31Reggie Jackson:Turnover
09:30John Cahill:SubIN
09:30Tanner Smith:SubIN
09:30Zavier Anderson:SubOUT
09:15Milton Jennings:Made Three Pointer3PTR
09:15Demontez Stitt:Assist
08:51Corey Raji:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
08:51Jerai Grant:ReboundDEF
08:44Devin Booker:SubIN
08:44Jerai Grant:SubOUT
08:44Milton Jennings:SubOUT
08:22Milton Jennings:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
08:22Boston College:ReboundDEF
08:14Demontez Stitt:Personal Foul
08:14Zavier Anderson:SubIN
08:14Demontez Stitt:SubOUT
08:03Devin Booker:Personal Foul
08:03Reggie Jackson:Attempted Free ThrowFT
08:03Devin Booker:ReboundDEF
07:50Joe Trapani:Personal Foul
07:50Dallas Elmore:SubIN
07:50Corey Raji:SubOUT
07:50Demontez Stitt:SubIN
07:50Andre Young:SubOUT
07:40Dallas Elmore:Personal Foul
07:21Demontez Stitt:Made 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
07:21Milton Jennings:Assist
07:10Reggie Jackson:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
07:10Devin Booker:Block
07:08Zavier Anderson:ReboundDEF
07:05Dallas Elmore:Personal Foul
07:05Zavier Anderson:Attempted Free ThrowFT
07:05Zavier Anderson:Made Free ThrowFT
07:05Corey Raji:SubIN
07:05Biko Paris:SubOUT
07:05Dallas Elmore:SubOUT
07:05Andre Young:SubIN
07:05Zavier Anderson:SubOUT
06:47Reggie Jackson:Turnover
06:45Tanner Smith:Turnover
06:44Reggie Jackson:Steal
06:41Joe Trapani:Made Three Pointer3PTR
06:41Reggie Jackson:Assist
06:29Reggie Jackson:Personal Foul
06:29Milton Jennings:Made Free ThrowFT
06:29Milton Jennings:Made Free ThrowFT
05:56Corey Raji:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
05:56Devin Booker:ReboundDEF
05:44Biko Paris:SubIN
05:44Corey Raji:SubOUT
05:44Bryan Narcisse:SubIN
05:33Biko Paris:Made Three Pointer3PTR
05:33GABE MOTON:Assist
05:25Biko Paris:Personal Foul
05:25Demontez Stitt:Made Free ThrowFT
05:25Demontez Stitt:Made Free ThrowFT
05:07Joe Trapani:Made 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
05:07GABE MOTON:Assist
04:51Biko Paris:Personal Foul
04:51Demontez Stitt:Attempted Free ThrowFT
04:51Demontez Stitt:Made Free ThrowFT
04:51Jerai Grant:SubIN
04:51Zavier Anderson:SubIN
04:51Bryan Narcisse:SubOUT
04:51Devin Booker:SubOUT
04:35Reggie Jackson:Made 2 Point Field GoalJUMPER
04:26GABE MOTON:Personal Foul
04:26Jerai Grant:Made Free ThrowFT
04:26Jerai Grant:Made Free ThrowFT
04:26Corey Raji:SubIN
04:26Joe Trapani:SubOUT
04:16Reggie Jackson:Made 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
03:51Jerai Grant:Made 2 Point Field GoalDUNK
03:51Demontez Stitt:Assist
03:29Biko Paris:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
03:29Reggie Jackson:Offensive ReboundOFF
03:25Reggie Jackson:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
03:25John Cahill:Offensive ReboundOFF
03:22GABE MOTON:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
03:22Jerai Grant:ReboundDEF
02:53Tanner Smith:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
02:53Demontez Stitt:Offensive ReboundOFF
02:48Demontez Stitt:Made 2 Point Field GoalTIPIN
02:14Corey Raji:Attempted Three Pointer3PTR
02:14Boston College:Offensive ReboundOFF
02:12Jerai Grant:Personal Foul
02:12Boston College:TimeoutMEDIA
02:12Reggie Jackson:Attempted Free ThrowFT
02:12Zavier Anderson:ReboundDEF
02:12Joe Trapani:SubIN
02:12Biko Paris:SubOUT
01:38Jerai Grant:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalLAYUP
01:38Corey Raji:Block
01:36Corey Raji:ReboundDEF
01:29Reggie Jackson:Turnover
01:28Andre Young:Steal
01:03Jerai Grant:Made 2 Point Field GoalDUNK
01:03Zavier Anderson:Assist
01:01Chris Kowalski:SubIN
01:01Nick Mosakowski:SubIN
01:01Peter Rehnquist:SubIN
01:01Dallas Elmore:SubIN
01:01Cortney Dunn:SubIN
01:01Reggie Jackson:SubOUT
01:01Corey Raji:SubOUT
01:01Joe Trapani:SubOUT
01:01John Cahill:SubOUT
01:01Bryan Narcisse:SubIN
01:01Jonah Baize:SubIN
01:01Catalin Baciu:SubIN
01:01Cory Stanton:SubIN
01:01Demontez Stitt:SubOUT
01:01Andre Young:SubOUT
01:01Tanner Smith:SubOUT
01:01Jerai Grant:SubOUT
00:44Peter Rehnquist:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalJUMPER
00:44Zavier Anderson:Block
00:42Chris Kowalski:Offensive ReboundOFF
00:40Chris Kowalski:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalJUMPER
00:40Bryan Narcisse:ReboundDEF
00:07Cory Stanton:Attempted 2 Point Field GoalJUMPER
00:07Cortney Dunn:ReboundDEF

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