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Articles From Around the ACC Blogosphere
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Articles From Around the ACC Blogosphere
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Now we can finally feel like football is around the corner. The NFL lockout is over and many of the college football conferences have completed their media days. That includes the ACC, where Florida State was voted the pre-season favorite to win the league. What are some of the ACC Bloggers saying heading into the last month before football season begins?

NC State blog Backing the Pack reports some unwelcome news to Pack fans. Corner Jarvis Byrd tore his ACL in 7 on 7 drills and likely starting RB Mustafa Greene is going to miss the first month of the season with a foot injury. With talented but inexperienced QB Michael Glennon taking over for Russell Wilson, Greene would have been a stabilizing force in the backfield. We’ll see how NC State’s handles this bit off-season bad luck.

Yesterday I wrote that I expected Florida State to be picked as the ACC pre-season favorite, but I was surprised that Florida State was picked by such a wide margin over the Virginia Tech to win the ACC. Virginia Tech blog Gobbler Country, was a little suprised as well at the voting and gave some thoughts from a Hokie perspective in a fair assessment of pick.

Terrapins blog TestudoTimes feels Maryland was slighted by being picked 5th the ACC Atlantic division. I have a couple of things here. You can make a legitimate argument that any team in the ACC Atlantic can win the division with the exception of  Wake Forest. I think you’ll see the Atlantic be what the Coastal should have been last year. There are 5 teams capable of winning 8 or more games. I understand the Terrapins feeling a little miffed though.

OrangeandWhite a site devoted to Clemson Tiger Sports has some interesting notes from the ACCMedia days. Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson discusses his respect for Clemson program and the budding rivalry between the two schools. This is one of the South’s most competitive and underrated rivalries.

The OrangeandWhite also talks about Wake Forest RB Josh Harris. Looking for an under the radar player? Harris could have a breakout year. Harris torched Virginia Tech for 241 rushing yards last year.

Speaking of the Hokies Frank Beamer says he’s going to be around awhile in article too.

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